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AFH is a specialist in the supply and support of various types of non-metallic (plastic, ceramic, silicon carbide) lined pumps for use in extreme applications where corrosion or abrasion means that traditional metallic internals pumps will not be effective.

AFH offers a range used in the Chemical and Fertilizer, Mineral and Metals Processing, Oil and Gas, and general industrial applications.

SOMEFLU is a global pump manufacturer specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of specialist corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps. SOMEFLU pumps are made of engineered thermoplastic and designed in horizontal or vertical versions.

BUNGARTZ specialise in producing engineered pumps for the most challenging applications in the world. Their centrifugal pumps are designed to handle ‘impossible’ tasks, aggressive media, and difficult conditions with low maintenance, high tolerance, and the utmost safety.

Rheinhutte Pumps provide specialist material chemical pumps in specialist alloys, plastics and ceramics. Rheinhutte offers an extremely broad range of high-quality process pumps designed and manufactured in Germany. Their strength is characterised by their ability to make long-lasting chemical resistant pumps capable of handling specialist and corrosive chemicals and materials. All with mechanically and dynamically sealed options and all in a wide range of materials. These are available in virtually any castable alloy with some materials especially developed by Rheinhutte.

AFH also offers SiCcast patented technologies. Able to supply pumps made of SiCcast which are able to offer the best performance on applications which encounter corrosion and/or erosion – handling high heat, corrosive or highly abrasive slurries.

The pumps are best suited for pumping slurries with small particles, which would quickly wear out other pumps, but can also be used for brines and seawater, where they have a lifetime corrosion warranty. With stable pricing compared to exotic materials such as Super Duplex and Hastelloy, SiCcast pumps offer initial and total life cycle commercial benefits.

AFH also has a range of Sundyne ANSIMAG plastic mag drive pumps for handling acids and other aggressive chemicals for maximum service life and safety.

Applications with these pumps include:

  • Hot Sulphuric acid pumps (made from Silicon Iron),
  • Molten salt pumps (Solar farm applications),
  • Chemical treatments in mining including nickel, gold, copper
  • Fertilizer production, and phosphate extraction
  • Chemical transport (lifting pumps, storage, transfer, booster pumping, etc.)
  • High (axial) flow pumps,
  • Magnetic drive pumps

AFH are experienced sales service providers for chemical and specialist material pumps – contact us regarding your specific requirements.

Wide range of applications and characteristics
Flows up to 20,000 m3/hr
Pressures up 40bar
Temperatures from -40C to 600C
Various materials including specialist alloys, plastics, ceramics, silicon carbide