Sealless Pumps

There are many liquids that require tight containment and not allow any leakage. Liquids can be environmentally sensitive such as amines, volatile like LPG or dangerous to human health such as chlorine. When leakage to atmosphere cannot be tolerated pumps…


Australian Fluid Handling has a long and successful history supplying the refrigeration industry with canned motor pump technology. The HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH S-line canned motor pumps for industrial refrigeration have a high pressure rating, no need for a balance line and…

AFH Making a Play for Hydrogen

Blue and Green Hydrogen are new and innovative technologies starting to take shape in our energy markets. Blue hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels where the CO2 is stripped out and stored away without release to the atmosphere, while green…

New Sales and Service facility in Perth WA

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in Bibra Lake WA from where we can better support you with all your pumping solutions in Western Australia.

AFH supplies major instrument air compressor package

Australia’s big things, The Big Pineapple! The big barramundi! …and now AFHTechFLOW’s BIG AIR PACKAGE!

There are claims that Australia has some of the biggest things in the world, the Big Pineapple measuring 16m tall, the world’s biggest sundial, the world’s largest playable guitar and now adding to this cult phenomenon is AFHTechFLOW’s biggest ever skid package! It measured a whopping 75 square metres by footprint area, in comparison that’s the equivalent of 10,632 mobile phones side by side!

LAS supplies a fully integrated Fuel Management System (FMS) to a Bowen Basin Coal Mine

AFH’s subsidiary, Liquid Automation Systems (LAS) is pleased to announce their first major mining installation for a Fuel Management System in Australia. The system allows the user to focus control on dispensing of fuel within their facility into service and operating vehicles in order to provide security and tracking of their fuel usage.