AFH has two world class service locations on both the East and West coasts of Australia.

Our head manufacturing and service centre is located in Altona, Melbourne within 300 meters of access to the Princess Freeway. The site has office and factory facilities with approx. 1,500 sqm of floor space.

AFH has a 10 tonne lifting crane, storage, test equipment, multiple service bays, welding bays and a range of high end machinery providing state of the art facilities for flexible manufacturing and servicing of engineered skids, pumps, compressors and fluid handling equipment.

In Perth, Western Australia, AFH has another fully equiped service centre ready to meet all your pumping solutions requirements. The centre is located in Welshpool and caters for all aftermarket needs, pump and compressor overhauls, site support and assistance as well as new equipment and skid package enquiries.