The Australian Chemical Industry produces a multitude of different products to a host of different industries within Australia and abroad.

The Chemical industry operates by transforming and converting raw materials into useable products. Chemicals like natural gas, water, metal and minerals can all be converted from their original form using highly technical, sophisticated technology. The Chemical industry could not function without the customised machinery companies like Australian Fluid Handling supply.

For more information on how AFH can supply customised chemical pumps, reciprocating and centrifugal gas compressors, as well as chemical, high pressure, chemical metering and sealless pumps to the Chemical industry or any other industry, call +61 3 9369 6200.

AFH Suitable Products:

  • Sunflo Pumps
  • Hermetic Canned Motor Pumps
  • AFH’s range of API 675/674 Pumps including Seko
  • Rheinhutte Pumps
  • Engineered Skid Package

The Australian Fluid Handling Difference

Australian Fluid Handling prides itself on delivering a point of difference within the industry. They do so by offering 3D solid modelling, on site assistance and support and the finest products for pump and compressor overhaul. With 3D solid modelling, AFH is able to design detailed, functional models for the petrochemical industry. With on site assistance, AFH ensures all compressors – whether they be reciprocating, centrifugal, gas or screw compressors, and all pumps – be they chemical injection pumps, high pressure pumps or chemical metering pumps, are fully operational, functional and efficient. With pump and compressor overhaul, AFH supplies and maintains state of the art machinery and equipment – either stand alone or as part of a customised pump skid system – to improve efficiency and increase performance.

To learn more about any of AFH’s products, services or brands, or to enquire about how AFH could improve your business, contact us today. For more information on customised reciprocating compressors, coal seam gas compressors, centrifugal compressors, gas compressors, screw compressors, chemical injection pumps and purpose build pump skid systems, call +61 3 9369 6200 or contact us.