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The Australian Chemical Industry produces a diverse range of products for use in multiple industries. The Chemical industry operates by transforming and converting raw materials into useable products. Chemicals like natural gas, water, metal and minerals can all be converted from their original form using highly technical, sophisticated technology. The Chemical industry could not function without the customised machinery companies like Australian Fluid Handling supply.

For more information on how AFH can supply customised chemical handling and process skid packages, exotic material chemical pumps, reciprocating and centrifugal gas compressors, as well as high pressure, chemical metering and sealless pumps to the Chemical industry.

AFH Suitable Products:


Engineered Skid Packages

AFH has engineered many skid packages to the chemical industry for various applications including chemical dosing, compressor and pump skid packages, etc. Purpose engineered and built to the highest standards and to suit the specific application for the specific project.

Service division

AFH’s dedicated service division has some of the industry’s best personnel, with highly experienced staff from Australia around the world. Our world-class facilities both on the East and West coasts of Australia are fitted with the resources to handle large and complex pump and compressor repairs, services, rebuild and re-rates – as well as the ability to add protective coatings and improvements to enhance your equipment’s performance and longevity. Contact our service team with any service or repair requirements and we will be glad to help. With experience in just about every industry and application, we look forward to delivering exceptional service.

The Australian Fluid Handling Difference

Australian Fluid Handling prides itself on delivering a point of difference within the industry. We provide solutions for you.

To learn more about any of AFH’s products, services or brands, or to enquire about how AFH could improve your business, contact us today. Call a local office today or contact us.