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At AFH we understand that Process Gas Compressors are the heart of your process. Whether in a gas plant, refinery or hydrogen pilot plant, their reliability is critical and directly impacts the productivity, safety and the efficiency of your operation.

AFH exclusively represent a range of highly renowned Process Gas compressor brands for Australia. Centrifugal and Reciprocal (piston and diaphragm) compressors engineered to your specific requirements, (typically to API 617 and API 618) for use in numerous applications including:

  • Upstream and midstream Oil and Gas,
  • Petrochemical,
  • Green Hydrogen / H2 compression,
  • Power Generation,
  • Food and Beverage,
  • Heavy Duty applications for compression of highly volatile gasses,
  • Other industrial services

Ranges include both centrifugal and reciprocating compressors in single & multi-stage, vertical & horizontal installation.

AFH’s service facilities both on the West and East coast of Australia cater for expert service and support for our exclusive brands as well as other process gas compressors.

Exclusive Brands