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Your Fuel Management Solutions Company

The Fuel Management Systems (FMS) division of AFH provides a full suite of innovative and intelligent solutions for all your fuel and lubricant requirements.

Using a total integrated solution combining both state of the art hardware and software for a range of fuel and lubricant measurement, gauging and optimisation needs, we provide comprehensive fuel accounting and control anywhere in the chain from receipt into bulk storage through to the refuelling point at the consuming vehicle or asset.

We serve some of Australia’s largest companies in the Petrochemical, Fleet, Rail, Aviation and Mining industries providing solutions to terminals/bulk handlers to heavy users of fuels and lubricants. At AFH, we understand that every drop of fuel is precious, and that fuel management systems are an invaluable requirement for all high-volume, high cost fluid industries.

AFH has combined experience of over 100 years in:

  • Total Fuel Management Systems, comprehensive automatic tank gauging, authorised fuel dispensing
  • Engineered receiving/dispensing skids, custom build bottom loading skids, blending and additive skids
  • Bulk metering and tank gauging hardware and software that provides detailed reports, with full scalability and connection to host systems
  • In house detailed design, project management, project implementation, support and training

Whether you operate a bulk storage and distribution terminal that requires automated tank guaging and truck load rack controllers complete with additive/blending integration or you operate a mine/truck/train or consum ption fleet with a need for accurate comprehensive fuel accounting and control system, AFH has expert knowledge and experience to provide the total solution including ongoing support.

AFH uses only leading international fuel management brands and is an authorised distributor of Hectronic, Honeywell, Satam and Sensile.

The benefits of integrated fuel management systems are diverse, including:

  • Significantly reduced operating costs accross the fuel chain
  • Increased site safety through automation, overfill and spill prevention technologies
  • Decreased errors, logistics costs, run-dry occurrences/downtime and maintenance
  • Accurate and on time billing and reports
  • Flexible solutions for easy integration with existing equipment
  • Greater security against fraudulent activities
  • An auditable system on which to base diesel fuel rebate claims
  • Accurate monitoring of the business Carbon footprint

To discover more about AFH’s capabilities as fuel and lubricant management experts, call (03) 9369 6200 or email today.