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Australian Fluid Handling is proud to support Australia’s water and water treatment industry and holds a range of products and services to support various applications in water pumping, treatment, desalination and transfer.

At AFH, we provide pumps and customised pump skid systems, service/repair as well as specialist engineered coatings to support the efficient running of these plants. From the supply and commissioning of the worlds premier range of seawater desalination pumps to large pump overhauls, rebuilds and internal coating protection, contact AFH to discuss your specific needs.

(AFH supported desalination plant)

AFH Suitable Products:

Torishima is world-renowned for their high quality Japenese made specialist centrifugal pumps and a market leader in the field of seawater desalination pumps. With references in almost every major country operating mid to large scale desalination, there is no better choice.

Metering Pumps

AFH’s range of metering pumps has numerous applications within the water industry. Water plants require various types of metering pumps to dose numerous treatment chemicals. AFH’s pumps meet these requirements because of their flexibility and accuracy, being able to easily vary and fine-tune dosage rates, according to the process conditions.

NETZSCH Progressive Cavity and Rotary Lobe Pumps

NETZSCH is known worldwide as a specialist in the field of wastewater treatment. The  NEMO® progressing cavity pumps and TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps are global leaders in the field of wastewater treatment.

Engineered Skid Packages

AFH has engineered many skid packages to the water treatment sector, mostly integrated chemical dosing systems. These include a mixture of tanks, piping, high accuracy metering pumps, instrumentation, motors, valves and other operational hardware. Always purpose engineered and built to the highest standards and to suit the specific application for the specific project.

Renroc Engineered Surface Products

AFH’s range of specialist engineered surface coatings and products have a wide range of applications in the Power industry, from health and safety (heat insulation) to corrosion protection, repair and refurbishment of high-value equipment. Please visit our Renroc ESP division section for more information.

Service division

AFH’s dedicated service division has some of the industry’s best personnel, with highly experienced staff from Australia around the world. Our world-class facilities both on the East and West coasts of Australia are fitted with the resources to handle large and complex pump and compressor repairs, services, rebuild and re-rates – as well as the ability to add protective coatings and improvements to enhance your equipment’s performance and longevity. Contact our service team with any service or repair requirements and we will be glad to help. With experience in just about every industry and application, we look forward to delivering exceptional service.

The Australian Fluid Handling Difference

Australian Fluid Handling prides itself on delivering a point of difference within the industry. We provide solutions for you.

To learn more about any of AFH’s products, services or brands, or to enquire about how AFH could improve your business, contact us today. Call a local office today or contact us.