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AFH Engineered Skid Package Division

Through decades of experience and specialisation, AFH has developed the skills and infrastructure required to engineer and customise a wide range of process pump, compressor and other high-end industrial skid packages to individual customer and project requirements.

Our capabilities cover a huge range of applications and industries, from high quality small but cleverly designed packages to multi-million dollar engineering projects.

Using highly experienced application, project engineers and technicians, AFH delivers the highest quality bespoke systems to meet the needs of the most demanding industries.

Coupled with the latest in 3D solid modelling software, ISO certified processes and meticulous attention to detail, both the hardware and all supporting documentation are always delivered, as required.


Examples of previously manufactured systems and components include:

  • Skid-mounted, integrated Compressor systems (high speed centrifugal, reciprocating)
  • Pumps systems (centrifugal – high speed, single and multistage, metering, reciprocating, gear)
  • Chemical Injection and dosing packages, both small and large, low and high pressure
  • Seal Pressurisation (servicing Plan 53 systems) and seal buffer systems
  • Lube oil systems
  • Salt removal systems
  • Fuel blending and additive systems
  • Quick flush skids
  • Machinery control, automation and related instrumentation including alarm and shutdown panels
  • Tanks (fabricated to suit, with level gauge, sight glass, filler, breather, drain pan etc)
  • Filter(s) (high and low pressure, simplex, duplex)
  • Cooler(s) (Natural or forced draught or water-cooled)
  • Pressure vessels
  • Fabricated base and necessary supports and lifting facilities
  • Fully integrated PLC’s and Control panels
  • Noise enclosures
  • Testing
  • NDT of critical components
  • Meticulous documentation and QA to relevant industry standards

Please browse through a few of our Reference Leaflets for examples from the hundreds of projects we have executed over the years.

Typical Engineered Skid Packages

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