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Mining and in particular industrial mineral treatment processes require sophisticated equipment to separate the physical properties within different minerals. From pumping solutions to full mine site fuel management systems, Australian Fluid Handling provides heavy-duty equipment to support your operations.


AFH Suitable Products:

Chemical process pumps

With one of the most extensive ranges of chemical handling processes pumps and other speciality pumps available, the Rheinhutte and Someflu brands are top choices when it comes to mineral processing and handling of aggressive and difficult fluids. With specialty exotic materials to cater for the likes of Hot Sulphuric Acid and molten sulphur, there is a total centrifugal pump offering for most requirements.

Sunflo Pumps

The sunflo pumps are some of the most versatile pumps for high pressure industrial water applications. Sunflo pumps are specifically designed for high-pressure applications such as dust or particle suppression, site reverse osmosis, or wash-down applications very commonly encountered in the mining and mineral processing industry.

AFH’s Range of Metering Pumps

AFH’s diverse range has been developed over decades of use in the most arduous applications and industries. For accurate dosing and metering into a process as well as high-pressure applications AFH will have the right chemical injection and chemical metering pumps for you. AFH are able to integrate the pumps into complete engineered skid pump systems and customised skid packages that allow minimal site installation time. Pumps are offered in API and non-API variants.

Netzch Pumps

For more than six decades, NETZSCH has developed, manufactured engineered positive displacement pumps worldwide. The brand has designed pumps specifically for difficult pumping applications, especially in their renowned progressive cavity pumps for the mining sector.

Engineered Skid Packages

Engineered skid packages or ‘skid systems’ are terms used to describe integrated packages mounted on a common base plate. The package generally includes a mixture of tanks, piping, high or low-pressure pumps or compressors, instrumentation, motors, valves, PLC’s and other operational hardware. These are purpose engineered and built to suit the specific application for the specific project. AFH has successfully executed numerous packages for mining/mineral processing applications.

Fuel Management Systems

Our FMS division supplies and supports a range of fuel management systems and instrumentation, including gantry equipment and data systems, flow meters, vehicle and dispensing controls, tank gauging and related hardware and software. We are mine site specialists when it comes to supporting mine fuel/lubricant management, with custom-developed mine specific software and decades of experience globally in mine site fuel system solutions.

Renroc Engineered Surface Products

AFH’s range of specialist engineered surface coatings and products have a wide range of applications in the mining and mineral processing industry. This includes industry designed castable silicon carbide wearing parts and coatings, general abrasion protection, extreme corrosion and chemical protection products as well as repair and refurbishment of high-value equipment. Please visit our Renroc ESP division section for more information.

Service division

AFH’s dedicated service division has some of the industry’s best, with highly experienced staff from Australia around the world. Our world-class facilities both on the East and West coasts of Australia are fitted with the resources to handle large and complex pump and compressor repairs, services, rebuild and re-rates – as well as the ability to add protective coatings and improvements to enhance your equipment’s performance and longevity. Contact our service team with any service or repair requirements and we will be glad to help. With experience in just about every industry and application, we look forward to delivering exceptional service.

The Australian Fluid Handling Difference

Australian Fluid Handling prides itself on delivering a point of difference within the industry. We provide solutions for you.

To learn more about any of AFH’s products, services or brands, or to enquire about how AFH could improve your business, contact us today. Call a local office today or contact us.