Industrial mineral treatment processes require sophisticated equipment to separate the physical properties within different minerals. Australian Fluid Handling provides heavy duty equipment to do just that.

AFH Suitable Products:

Rheinhutte chemical process pumps

With one of the most extensive ranges of chemical injection pumps and other speciality pumps available, the Rheinhutte brand is the only choice especially when mineral processing and handling aggressive and difficult fluids. With specialty materials to cater for the likes of Hot Sulphuric Acid and molten salt, there is a total centrifugal pump offering for most applications.

AFH’s Range of API 675 Metering Pumps, including Seko

AFH’s diverse range has been developed over decades of use in the most arduous applications and industries. For high pressure applications and minimum downtime when requiring chemical injection pumps and chemical metering pumps these are the perfect choice. AFH are keen and able to integrate the pumps into complete engineered skid pump systems and customised skid packages that allow minimal site installation time. Pumps are offered in accordance with API 675.

Engineered Skid Package

Engineered skid packages or ‘pump skid systems’ are terms used to describe integrated packages mounted on a common base plate. The package generally includes a mixture of tanks, piping, high or low pressure pumps or compressors, instrumentation, motors, valves and other operational hardware. These are generally purpose engineered and built to suit the specific application for the specific project.

The Australian Fluid Handling Difference

Australian Fluid Handling prides itself on delivering a point of difference within the industry. They do so by offering 3D solid modelling, on site assistance and support and the finest products for pump and compressor overhaul. With 3D solid modelling, AFH is able to design detailed, functional models for the petrochemical industry. With on site assistance, AFH ensures all compressors – whether they be reciprocating, centrifugal, gas or screw compressors, and all pumps – be they chemical injection pumps, high pressure pumps or chemical metering pumps, are fully operational, functional and efficient. With pump and compressor overhaul, AFH supplies and maintains state of the art machinery and equipment – either stand alone or as part of a customised pump skid system – to improve efficiency and increase performance.

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