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Since its inception in the 1930’s, BUNGARTZ has had a long history specialising in the mastery of difficult and complex pumping applications, from the submerged pump and magnet-coupled chemical pumps to horizontal slurry pumps. These pumps are designed and manufactured in Germany and the company boasts an array of specialist pumps that are virtually cavitation-free and self-ventilating, they handle solids, are resistant to the issues faced with dry-running, are self-regulating, wear-resistant, low-maintenance, and have the highest level of intrinsic safety.

BUNGARTZ pumps are specifically designed for the application and are suitable in a range of industries and are suitable for handling boiling, polymerising, crystallising and toxic media. BUNGARTZ pumps are generally designed for extreme operations – engineered for applications that are too difficult for most other pumps on the market.

AFH is proud to represent this high-end, engineered pump brand in Australia – if you have a difficult application that requires expert review, discussion and a bespoke solution provided, don’t hesitate to contact us.