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SOMEFLU Specialist Material Chemical Pumps

SOMEFLU is a global pump manufacturer specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of specialist corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps. SOMEFLU pumps are made of engineered thermoplastic and designed in horizontal or vertical versions.

The standard range of centrifugal pumps have flow rate capacities from 1 to 2000 m³/h for heads up to 130M – but with the ability to design on demand much higher capacity corrosive pumps.

SOMEFLU pumps are manufactured and engineered in France as per a customer’s specific duties and the fluid’s chemical and physical properties – to your specifications.

Applications include:

  • Chemical treatments in mining including nickel, gold, copper
  • Fertilizer production, and phosphate extraction
  • Chemical attack scouring (“pickling”)
  • Electro-plating
  • Gas scrubbing and wastewater treatment
  • The regeneration of spent acids
  • Recirculation in odour removal towers (HCl, NaOH, Bleach, etc.)
  • Demineralisation stations
  • Sewage treatment stations
  • Aquaculture & Fish farming
  • Spa & Thalassotherapy
  • Chemical transport (lifting pumps, storage, transfer, booster pumping, etc.)
  • Transport of corrosive, loaded and/or abrasive effluents.
  • Applications involving highly corrosive fluids such as high concentrate hydrofluosilicic acid resulting from phosphate treatments.

AFH are experienced sales service providers for Chemical and specialist material pumps – contact us regarding your specific requirements.