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AFH has a wide range of both lobe and gear pumps for various applications. Typically used for highly viscous fluids, lubricants and materials in almost every industry. AFH are authorised representatives of the following leading global lobe and gear pump manufacturers:

  • Rotor-Tech USA manufactured pumps are specialist glycol external gear pumps for use in the Oil and Gas/Petrochemical industry (TEG).
  • Zeilfelder’s German designed and manufactured pumps deliver to the highest standards. Their range of high performance and internal gear pumps and rotary lobe pumps are designed for specialist applications involving high viscous liquids such as grease, bitumen, pulps and emulsions, various plant and other oils, resins and varnishes (and many other high viscosity substances).
  • MAAG pumps have been developed and manufactured from its headquarters in Switzerland and their range includes gear pumps for polymers, chemicals, and lubricants, as well as filter systems for the production and processing of plastics.
  • NETZSCH has developed, manufactured and sold various types of engineered positive displacement pumps worldwide. Designed specifically for difficult pumping situations, their TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps are an excellent partner with low space requirements and high power density. They are able to continuously and very gently convey practically any substance while dosing in accurate proportion to the pump’s rotation speed.

Contact AFH to discuss your specific needs and we will help you find the right solution.

Apart from the supply of pumps and spares, AFH build packages and systems around these specialist pumps, including chemical injection and dosing systems for use in heavy-duty applications in the oil and gas, chemical and general industries. Specially engineered skid packages can be fabricated for you complete with motors and drive arrangement, pumps, instrumentation, valving and relief valves, pulsation dampeners, pressure gauges and control panels.

Wide range of applications and fluids handled, even explosive and toxic substances
Liquids up to 3.400.000 mPas even containing up to 90% of solids
Temperature up to 450°C
Corrosion-resistant, long lasting and highly efficient