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Zeilfelder Rotary lobe pumps and gear pumps for special applications.

Zeilfelder’s German designed and manufactured pumps deliver to the highest standards. Their range of high performance and internal gear pumps and rotary lobe pumps are designed for specialist applications involving high viscous liquids such as grease, bitumen, pulps and emulsions, various plant and other oils, resins and varnishes (and many other high viscosity substances).

The pumps can process liquids up to 3.400.000 mPas even containing up to 90% of solids, explosive and toxic substances and service a range of industries and industrial applications.

  • Pressures up to 120 bar
  • Flowrates from 1,5 l/h to 300m3/h
  • Viscosity up to 1.400.000 mPas
  • Temperature up to 450°C
  • Efficiency up to 92%
  • Suction lift up to 8m
  • Solids up to 90%

AFH are exclusive providers and authorised service partners for Zeilfelder.