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A reliable and proven sealless solution for many applications and industries.

Magnetic Drive pumps transmit drive through the use of permanent magnets with a containment shell (typically made of Hastelloy) providing leak-free operation.

Pump internals are supported by Silicon Carbide (SiC) product lubricated slide bearings. With all designs being self-venting as per API685, pumps are a safe reliable solution for transferring media. Pumps can be supplied in single and multi-stage built in accordance to, or the intent of API685 (the scope of API685 only covers single-stage OH2 style units). AFH can supply pumps with OH, VS or BB configurations.

These pumps are often a technically superior option to mechanical seals particularly dual seal arrangements. AFH is able to supply designs in compliance with API685 as well as designs to ISO, ANSI and manufacturer standards, being Australian agents and service representatives for the HMD Kontro Mag Drive range as well as the Sundyne ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive non-metallic product.

HMD Kontro pumps are used in a wide range of applications and industries and are vital in petroleum, chemical, gas production, pharmaceutical and general process industries that involve toxic, fine, corrosive and aggressive liquids that must be handled.

With our range, we are able to provide pumps with couplings capable of transmitting torques up to 500Nm with units capable of handling solids up to 5% w/w with 150 microns. Units are also able to work with NPSHR’s as low as 0.5m. Designs up to 450°C can be supplied and no designs require cooling water.

Suited to refinery process applications such as Benzene, Xlyene, Pentane, Ethylene, Butane, Hydrocarbon Oils and Sulfurous Acids

Single and multi-stage versions. OH, VS and BB configurations available
Flows up to 3,500 m3/hr
Heads up to 700m
Various materials available from Carbon Steel to Super Duplex
Temperatures up to 450°C supported without any requirement for external cooling
Designs to ANSI B73.3 as required
Temperatures as low as -196C