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AFH has a wide range of pumps specifically designed for high pressure (high head) applications, from boiler feed water and cooling water pumps to industrial spray down and dust suppression pumps.

Aiming to use the most sophisticated hydraulic designs, we endeavour to optimise hydraulic efficiency to your application.

Sunflo pumps are specifically designed for high-pressure applications such as boiler feeds, dust or particle suppression, reverse osmosis or wash-down that are common to power generation, mining, maritime, transportation or food and beverage industries.

Integrally geared, high head centrifugal pumps – compact horizontal design working to 1280m head and 150kW.

Torishima is world-renowned for their high-quality specialist centrifugal pumps and a market leader in Power Generation, Desalination and large Industrial applications.

From smaller end-suction industrial pumps to large multistage boiler feed pumps or seawater intake pumps for desalination, Torishima’s Japanese made products are highly regarded for their excellent build quality and design as well as high efficiency.

AFH supplied units can come packaged with Schroedahl Minimum Flow Protection Valves whom we also serve as the Australian exclusive representative.

Flows over 3,500 m3/hr
Pressures up to 250bar, available in various array of material depending on temperature and pressure.