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AFH are exclusive agents for the Schroedahl Automatic Recirculating (ARC) Pump Protection Valves.

Pump protection valves are required to ensure a set minimum flow rate of a pump at all times. This protects the pump against overheating, cavitation and destruction – for some pumps this could be a matter of seconds. If the flow through the pump falls below a set level, the bypass system opens and the fluid will be recirculated providing the required minimum flow for the pump.

Once the discharge increases, then the amount of fluid recirculated by the bypass is automatically reduced (and vice versa). This increases the efficiency of the entire system and optimises the economy in the low-load operation.

The high-quality German-made Schroedahl valves provide reliable and trusted minimum flow protection for high-value centrifugal pumps. Fully mechanical, the ARC Valve combines check valve and bypass valves in one unit and is widely used on boiler feed pumps, process pumps, high-pressure pumps and cooling water units.