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100 Series Metal Repair Paste is a machinable composite that can be formed or machined to original tolerances. This material has extremely high compressive strength and does not shrink as it cures. This product can be used to rebuild damaged surfaces such as:

  • Cracked pump housings
  • Scored hydraulic rams
  • Leaking tanks seams
  • Damaged or worn flange faces
  • Worn bearing housings
  • Plate bonding
  • Shaft repairs

101 Metal Repair Paste has extremely high compressive strength and has no shrinkage where tight tolerances are required. This composite technology has become the industry standard for rebuilding parts and equipment. 102 Metal Repair Fluid is a castable and moldable version of 101 Metal repair paste with identical properties. 103 Metal Repair Stick is an industrial strength easy to use emergency repair material that can be cut as required and kneaded to form a fast and high strength repair or seal. 104 is a fast curing easy to use surface tolerant rebuild composite that is touch dry in 20 minutes. 105 Aqua Stick s a hydrophobic easy to use kneadable repair material that can be cut off in as you need pieces, kneaded and used in moisture affected areas to plug holes or used in underwater repair applications.