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Peristaltic or Hose Pumps are a good choice for handling liquids which contain particulate matter such as sand and other slurries (up to 80% particulate matter), or viscous fluids. These pumps are used in multiple industries for a variety of applications, including mining and ceramics, chemical processing, food processing, printing and packaging, waste management and water management.

AFH are authorised representatives of the Italian made Ragazzini Pumps – with pump selections ranging from heavy industry and mining to the delicate requirements of wine making. These pumps are:

  • energy efficient
  • accurate and give repeatable dosing of fluids
  • low maintenance
  • operate without manual intervention, reducing operator errors

Apart from the supply of pumps and spares, AFH build packages and systems around these specialist pumps, including chemical injection and dosing systems for use in heavy-duty applications in the oil and gas, chemical and general industries. Specially engineered skid packages can be fabricated for you complete with motors and drive arrangement, pumps, instrumentation, valving and relief valves, pulsation dampeners, pressure gauges and control panels.

Flow rates from 0.001m³/h to 180 m³/h
Pressure up to 15 bars
Able to handle aggressive and abrasive liquids like tartaric acids and lees and at 100°C