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AFH are exclusive in-country sales and authorised, factory-trained service partners for the Nikisso Cryo pump range and have been supplying and servicing specialist cryogenic pumps to the Australian LNG sector for many years. AFH offers a range of cryogenic pumps and is able to handle temperatures as low as -200°C and with high-efficiency hydraulics being able to handle extremely low NPSH requirements.

AFH offers a range of technologies for various cryogenic pump applications, including state of the art submerged motor pumps, sealless canned motor pumps from Hermetic as well as other technologies. Our Suppliers have the capability to test on liquid nitrogen, LNG or LPG.

Speak to AFH for an in-depth discussion on your support and service requirements for these highly specialised pumps.

AFH's Cryogenic pump range
Submerged wetted motor configuration eliminates leakage of liquids and makes pump construction simple
High-efficiency hydraulics being able to handle extremely low NPSH requirements
Long bearing service life, both SS and ceramic bearings with active thrust balancing system for extended life