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Canned motor pumps are deployed in a wide range of applications where a completely leak-free system is critical to plant operation and HSE protection. The processing of both Oil & Gas as well as a range of other chemical processes result in many harsh and dangerous chemicals being encountered – for maximum safety and reliability sealless pumps provide the best solution. Sealless Pumps also are often a very good technical choice for high temperature and high-pressure applications.

These pumps use a canned motor which has the pump hydraulics placed on the same shaft as the motor’s rotor. The drive of a canned motor pump is transmitted in the same way as a conventional electric motor. In between the stator and rotor, a stator liner (typically Hastelloy) is placed providing fully leak-free operation. The stator housing of the motor provides a fully pressure rated secondary containment. The canned motor pump design is able to handle theoretically unlimited system pressure with references up to 1200bar. 450°C plus designs are possible as well as cryogenic units.

AFH are the exclusive agent and service partner for the Hermetic pump range, global leaders and pioneers in this technology.

Designs are self-venting as per API 685 and are available in single and multistage. AFH can supply both API 685 and non-API variants. Hydraulics can be customised with the only limitation being the current largest canned motor available is 800kW.

Containing no mechanical seals, these pumps operate leak-free and provide the highest availability with a mean time between repairs (MTBR) four times greater than mechanical seal pumps. Applications containing high H2S concentrations, high vapour pressure hydrocarbons or as a simpler alternative to dual mechanical seals, there are numerous applications where sealless pumps give the best through life pumping performance.

Why sealless pumps?

Hermetic – the premier choice for refrigeration.

Think Sealless Pumps more expensive? Think again.

For optimal safety and plant reliability, the canned motor pump is considered one of the best technologies to employ.

Single and multistage versions available
Not susceptible to suction pressure
Flows to 1,200 m3/hr (higher on review)
Heads to 1200m (higher on review)
Wide range of applications where leak-free requirement is critical
Temperatures up to 450C