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AFH have a range of world-class screw pumps to suit a range of applications, including models designed to API 676 standard.

AFH partner with the NETZCH who specialise in a range of multi screw pumps, expertly designed and manufactured in Germany. Reliability, high levels of durability and years of experience mean that the NOTOS® screw pumps from NETZSCH are an excellent choice for screw pump applications. These pumps are designed to convey low to high lubricating fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive or chemically aggressive media.

AFH are representatives of SEIM screw pumps designed and manufactured in Italy.

SEIM’s large pump range includes API676 screw pumps for Oil and Gas applications, screw pumps for elevators and lifts, pumps for marine vessels, as well as pumps designed for oil/hydraulic systems in wind turbines. AFH can build packages and systems around these specialist pumps, including systems for lube oil transfer and cooling.

AFH supply and support Klaus Union screw pumps to a wide range of specifications (and in accordance with API 676). These self-priming Screw pumps have two screws in double volute and employ a hydraulically balanced design. The drive torque is transmitted from the drive screw to the idler screw via herringbone gears.

The screws rotate closely meshing but without contact to the bore of the interchangeable pump casing insert. As a result of the special profile geometry, sealed cavities are formed, which transport the pumped liquid continuously with low shear and without turbulences from both suction chambers axially to the discharge chamber.

With a unique cartridge system for ease of maintenance and fast turnaround, these pumps are built for the harshest environments, with applications in oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power and sugar.

Flows up to 5,000 m3/hr
Differential Pressures up to 100 bar
Maximum viscosity handled 100,000 cSt
Temperature up to max 350 degrees Celsius
Specially designed internal cartridge for fast turnaround and minimal spare parts stocking