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As a supplier of mechanical seal support systems to mechanical seal suppliers to the Oil and Gas industry

AFH have supplied over 300 such systems in a wide range of requirements, through the major mechanical seal vendors in Australia.

Of particular significance has been the recent regulatory requirements in Australia to mandate that refineries produce Gasoline with a lower Benzene concentration and the same for Sulphur in Diesel. This has required significant investment on the part of the refineries to modify their production plants with the inclusion of a range of pumps. The presence of Benzene and Sulphur as hazardous components of the pumped fluids, many of the pumps have been supplied with dual mechanical seals that have required a range of dual mechanical support systems.

Additionally, varying site based requirements have resulted in a wide range of support system configurations to best fit with the operating philosophies governing their use.

Again, AFH have taken a completely flexible approach in the method of construction of the systems to best meet the customer requirements. The use of 3D solid modeling enabled maximum effectiveness of the customers’ reviews of the designs prior to fabrication. The supplied systems have included (with reference to the plans in API 682)

  • Plan 72
  • Plan 74
  • Plan 76
  • Plan 32
  • Plan 52
  • Plan 53
  • Make up units

Piping systems have ranged from tubed with compression fittings to socket welded and to fully butt welded pipe with 100% X-ray using ASME B31.3 procedures.

All systems comply with the necessary Australian and ASTM codes as well as specific New Zealand statutory requirements for those for use there.

All systems were fully functionally tested prior to dispatch in order to minimize any site disruptions

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Industry: Pumps and compressor packages