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It seems that most projects require customized packages for a variety of reasons.

When an Oil refinery in New South Wales upgraded reciprocating compressors as part of a project relating to clean fuels, this resulted in an increase to the requirement for cooling water to the package.

Using a customer produced Process and Instrumentation Diagram and the applicable project specifications, AFH conceptualised the package layout and was awarded the project.

The package includes ANSI centrifugal pumps (duty and standby), electrical heating, forced draft cooling, a 4” Carbon steel piping system with associated valving and instrumentation.

Apart from modeling the system in our 3D solid modeling package (Inventor), verification of the pressure losses in the piping system ensured that sufficient flows and pressures were available for the site.

The package was fully functionally tested at AFH prior to delivery.

Project Details

Industry: Engineered Skid Packages Case Studies