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AFH are Authorised Sales and Service partners for SPX Bran + Luebbe Australia-wide.

For almost 90 years, Bran + Luebbe has been designed and manufactured in Germany and is a recognised world leader in the supply of precision dosing and metering pumps and analyzers.

Known for the versatility of their various build options, Bran + Luebbe, along with the Australian experience in AFH, provide bespoke, quality solutions for customers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, and food processing industries.

As part of the global SPX Group, Bran + Luebbe we are one of the world‘s most reputable manufacturers of metering and process pumps and process systems. Their engineers have comprehensive process and applications knowledge across a wide range of markets. This has resulted in product innovations and developments that harness the latest technology whilst meeting the highest quality standards.

NOVODOS Metering Pumps

The Bran +  Luebbe NOVADOS Family comprises leak-free diaphragm pumps as well as plunger pumps with drives to accommodate single or multi-stream applications using horizontal or vertical configurations.

Nearly all gear sizes in the NOVADOS series can be combined for process and metering pumps to achieve the required flow rate and pressure parameters. Manual or automatic control options for flow rate adjustment are available, with various liquid
end materials and complemented by a variety of accessories to suit the process.
These numerous possible combinations and variants enable bespoke solutions to be offered, which suit the characteristics of the metered liquid.



  • Hermetically sealed pump design
  • Optimal capacity adaptation to widely varying production processes
  • Variable stroke length for each pump allows independent flow rate adjustment of each pump component
  • Variable speed drive allows flow rate variations while maintaining
  • Automation allows higher production efficiency to be achieved
  • Existing installations can be altered or expanded with extra pumps or automatic control
  • Multiple pumps with up to 12 pump heads are available



  • Operating pressure up to 1,000 bar
  • Wide range of pump head sizes allowing a flow range of between 0.4 l/h up to 22,365 l/h on a single head
  • Multi-head configurations available
  • Modular metering pump gears with built-in low noise worm gear
  • Individual stroke length setting utilizing the z-shaped crankshaft
  • Manual or automatic (electric or pneumatic) flow rate adjustment

NOVOPLEX Process Diaphragm Pumps

The Bran + Luebbe NOVAPLEX is a flexible high-performance process diaphragm pump handling toxic or aggressive liquids and suspensions at high flow rates and pressure. Typical applications can be found in the chemical, petrochemical as well as oil & gas industries. Alternatively we offer three different types of the NOVAPLEX process pumps

NOVAPLEX Pumps Range

  • Vector: The NOVAPLEX Vector is a revolutionary design in the market for diaphragm process pumps creased by combining a unique new gearbox design with well-proven diaphragm pump head technology. It is ideally suited for applications in the Oil & Gas industry (onshore, offshore) as well in the chemical industry, offering a number of benefits, including:
    •  Lightweight design
    •  Small footprint
    •  Easy maintenance due to reduced number of parts
    •  Less downtime
    •  Lower operation costs
  • Integral:  The NOVAPLEX Integral is a flexible high-performance process
    diaphragm pump for high flow rates and operating pressures. These powerful and precise feed pumps are suited to critical, high-pressure installations where the capabilities of traditional metering pumps are exceeded. Equipped with an integrated reduction gear the pumps are very compact with a small footprint. Benefits include:

    • Product leakage protection through the use of the double
      diaphragm design
    • High Reliability with a diaphragm service lifetime of 20.000 operating hours being achieved. Further protected by overload through an internally mounted
      pressure relief valves.
    • Minimal noise levels through the integrated worm gear reducer
    • Simplified Maintenance
  • Classic: Designed with an external reduction gear this pump allows the incorporation of customer-specified gearboxes.


  • Excellent Emission Control
  • High Reliability
  • Low noise due to utilization of 4- resp. 6-poles motors
  • Minimized Life Cycle Cost

ProCam and Cerex Metering Pumps

Bran + Luebbe’s range also includes the ProCam and Cerex pumps which serves as an economical range of high-quality metering pumps, designed for use in many industrial or hygienic processes. Suited to low to medium duty applications, the mechanically actuated diaphragm offers safe and reliable operation for hazardous liquids with a plunger pump head option for high pressure, low flow duties. The pumps are suitable for single & multi-stream processes and auto-control using variable speed, electric stroke or a combination of both.