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AFH are exclusive Australian representatives of Ram Pumps Ltd. who specialise in a range of high-pressure plunger pumps for high duty applications.

RAM Pumps are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and supported locally by AFH. Able to offer both triplex and quintuplex versions, these pumps give high volumetric efficiency. For services such as MEG / TEG, water injection, fracking, desalination and other high-pressure services, Ram has been providing high-quality pumps for over 40 years.

The range of plunger pumps is able to operate with high volumetric efficiency and with designs capable of operating up to 750kW. Materials can be supplied from Carbon Steel to Duplex and other high-end alloys.

Full material certification and API testing are provided and Inspectors can audit at any time.


For more information, please contact one of our specialist sales engineers.