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For superior personnel protection against burns and for insulation of equipment Renroc ESP can offer the Resimac 560 series provides the best solution.

An alternative to rockwool insulation, the 560 series provides protection against heat for personnel from burns whilst also insulating the equipment and providing corrosion resistance eliminating Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).

With products that can be applied to hot surfaces and products for services with temperatures up to 250C, the Resimac 560 series is a cutting edge technology for personnel protection.

Resimac 560 for surface temperatures to 140C and applied up to 50C
Resimac 561 for applications up to 140C and applied up to 100C surface temperature
Resimac 562 for surface temperatures to 200C
Resimac Siltherm 563 – Single component for surface temperatures up to 250C