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Renroc ESP has many decades of experience with Repairing, Refurbishing, Reclaiming and Protecting Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Water Boxes, Baffle Plates, Cooling Towers, Basins, Fan Shrouds, Fans, Blowers, CW Pumps, Fire Pumps, Pipe Work and sealing of plant room floors against ingress between floors.

Our expertise means that critical HVAC equipment can be coated and protected prior to commissioning on-site and also more importantly refurbished in situ, without the prospect of removing damaged equipment from high rise properties. We can work to your schedule and can return equipment back into service within a few days of starting our services or work within the service company or building owners preferred time frames. Renroc ESP is has a specialised HVAC service and can offer state of the art coating technologies and know-how that have provided proven results for decades.