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This form of corrosion often goes unnoticed until the opportunity to treat the corrosion is too late. Insulation around critical pipework and other process equipment is important for thermal and cryogenic processes in the oil and gas as well as many other industries.

The time frames between practical inspection and removal of insulation to treat corrosion can be lengthy and during this time the important decisions need to be made to interrupt production for unscheduled maintenance. CUI need not be the situation that is the “norm” or that is just what is to be expected. Traditional insulation materials such as mineral wool, fibreglass and calcium silicate absorb moisture and retain water on the metal itself. Certain insulation materials contain chlorides which can accelerate galvanic corrosion and stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel.

Renroc ESP’s range of Thermal Insulation that helps eradicate CUI are specified by the world’s majors in the Oil and Gas processing industries such as CNOOC, Chevron, Shell, Exxon, P66, Conoco Phillips, SBM Offshore, BW Offshore.

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Resimac 507 DWPU – Polyurethane corrosive protection
Resimac 512 UCEN 90 – Epoxy Novolac superior corrosion protection
Resimac 530 HA 100 – Heat activated novolac for high temperature corrosion protection
Resimac 560 Thermal Barrier Coatings