Canned Motor/Non Seal Pump

Standard & Custom

Canned Motor

  • Canned Motor Pump, this means NO leakage of fluid or gas from the installed pump.
  • No seals to maintain – ever!
  • Compact size.
  • No coupling.
  • Low noise and vibration
  • “Inducer” technology: developed to assist with challenging suction conditions.
  • Bearing monitor systems.
  • Mechanical Bearing Monitor as standard, however E-Monitor, providing continuous local output and optional remote signal is available to order.

Non Seal Pump

  • Many years service life typical.
  • Back pull out design for simple maintenance.
  • Widely used in refrigeration systems throughout Australia.
  • Pumps and service spares for common sizes stocked at AFH in Victoria.
  • Used on a wide range of refrigerants including ammonia, carbon dioxide and freon


Maximum Head
(50 Hertz)
ViscosityMax 150cPMax 200cP
Temperature Range °C-50 to 350-200 to 450
Maximum Case Working Pressure *42 barg800 barg
* Limited by Temperature & Material

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Non-Seal Nikkiso Pumps Data Pack, Stock Range:

Non-Seal Nikkiso Pumps Data Pack, Old LH Series