Nikkiso Pumps

Manufactured in Japan and the USA, the Nikkiso pump range is globally renowned for a long history of manufacturing reliable and stable pumps designed to perform under the harshest conditions, including high temperature, high pressure, and super-low temperature.

These include non-seal pumps, with integrated pump and motor construction that allow leak-free transport of liquid at 450℃, ecoflow pumps capable of pumping liquid with precision and high efficiency, and the cryogenic pumps capable of transporting super-low temperature liquid natural gases(LNG) at -164℃ .

AFH are exclusive providers and authorised service partners for Nikkiso products.

Metering Pump

M150 Series | M150 Pulseless Series | MX Series

Nikkiso Metering Pump

  • Conforms to API 675 standard
  • Flow rate adjustable while running and statically
  • Environmentally safe operation with diaphragm configuration
  • Diaphragm rupture detection is available to avoid detrimental failure
  • Robust construction

Non Seal Pump (Canned Motor Pump)

Nikkiso Sealless Pump

  • API 685 full compliance available
  • Small, compact & self-contained
  • Environmentaly Safe Operation, no seal to leak
  • No coupling, no alignment, low noise, low vibration
  • Ideal for Refrigerant Applications

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Cryogenic Pump (Nikkiso Cryo – USA)

Cryogenic Pump

  • Submerged wetted motor configuration eliminates leakage of liquids and makes pump construction simple
  • Long bearing service life