AFH are exclusive sales, service and skid packaging agents for the Neuman & Esser Group’s process gas compressor range.

Neuman & Esser


Neuman & Esser offer a flexible product portfolio of frame sizes and configurations to meet the specific requirements of the project.

Machines can be supplied in accordance with internationally used API 618, API 11P and ISO 8012 specifications. Dry running and lubricated designs are available for the widest range of compressed natural and other gases that are used extensively in the Hydrocarbon and Industrial arena as well as in Food and Beverage (CO2) and Hydrogen compression in Green Hydrogen.

Included in their range of brands are the Norwalk, and Hofer reciprocating and diaphragm process gas compressors which are designed for both inert and explosive Gas services.

The range covers applications in:

  • Industrial Gases:  Inert and Explosive Gases: High Pressure Air, Argon Nitrogen, Helium, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrous Oxide, etc.
  • Process Gases: Hydrogen, Hydrocarbon, and Specialty gases for Petroleum, Chemical, Petro-Chemical based Refinery applications to API-618.
  • Alternate Fuels / Renewable Energy: Natural Gas or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for the NGV markets (Natural Gas Vehicles), Green Hydrogen.

Volumes to 100,000 Nm3/h

Powers to 12 MW

Discharge pressures to 700 Bar

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Norwalk Compressors

Hofer Compressors