There were some problems with alignment of the Ktec Level Gauge flanges, and as such Bluewater /AFH had no alternative but to cut them off and re-weld them.

AFH had anticipated this problem (especially for 1500# RTJ flanges), and had already made allowances in the construction of the vessel to accommodate some inaccuracies by Ktec. Unfortunately these allowances had proven to be insufficient to accommodate the necessary planar alignment of the flange faces, and so the connecting flanges of the level gauges were removed completely and re-welded to correct the error.

AFH has demonstrated with confidence that all rework was performed in a professional manner, and that Level Gauges are still rated at their original design pressure and temperature.

We appreciated AFH’s effort to complete the task and absorbed the extra cost incurred in the re-weld work.

CT Lim 
Lead Mechanical Engineer