AFH’s first foray into the supply of a significant engineered skid package offshore involved the supply of two identical Sundyne pumps and associated accessories for use as a De-Ethaniser Water draw pumpset on a static facility in the Timor Sea.

Although the package was destined for use in a tropical and Cyclone prone area, assembly of the offshore modules was undertaken in Korea which meant that the equipment had to be designed for an extremely cold environment as well.

Due to the site wind and blast loading requirements, significant structural verification was undertaken to ensure that the equipment could still operate during a cyclone and not destruct in the event of a nearby explosion.

Accessories included mechanical seal support, lube oil and condition monitoring systems. Much of the pipework and the seal support vessels were Duplex Stainless Steel.

The extremely tight space constraints that the unique design of the Sundyne pump enabled the package to meet required a high level of diligence during the design phase to ensure that the equipment retained maximum accessibility for maintenance and operation.

Sundyne Pump Package for Offshore Use