A gas plant in Western Victoria required the use of a salt removal system as part of its’ Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) regeneration system.

Revolutionary thinking settled on the use of Electrodialysis as the primary process for this application but local packaging of the ancillary equipment was needed to ensure maximum compliance to the project specifications as well as cost effective logistical movement of the equipment to site.

This is the first package that AFH have engineered that involved a PVC piped system that utilized high bond strength and chemically resistant glue. The total system was painstakingly assembled over 5 modular skids in total to allow the complete package to be transported to site using low load road rigs.

In addition to the Electrodialysis stack, the package included PolyPropylene tanks, centrifugal and metering pumps, calibration vessels, valving, control instrumentation and a water chiller system.

After transport to site and mounting on location, AFH staff were engaged for all of the site based connections, including manufacture and assembly of the site based PVC pipe systems.

Salt Removal Package