Many gas producing fields require water removal to produce pipeline specification gas suitable for transport to further processing plants or customers.

One method commonly employed in both fully and semi remote areas is the use of Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG) based dehydration technology. Pumps are used to inject high pressure lean TEG into the gas contactor which absorbs moisture from the gas. Where electrical power is not available, a Rich TEG hydraulic power recovery turbine is able to act as the pump driver in what Rotor-Tech term their Energy exchange unit.

Rotor-Tech primarily focus on the provision of pumps to handle TEG in dehydration applications.

AFH have supplied many units, both of the Energy exchange and Electric motor driven varieties. AFH are able to combine the pump technology of Rotor-Tech with local and project specifid compliant electric motors in order to meet the customer needs.

All pumps are factory tested prior to delivery.

Rotor-Tech Pumps for TEG