Whilst AFH have enjoyed the opportunity to provide a range of chemical injection packages over time, it seems that each unit has a fresh set of challenges.

In a Petrochemical plant where the package was required to dose the Carcinogenic Dimethyl DiSulphide (DMDS) it was imperative that a zero leak policy be taken in the design and fabrication of the system. Due to relatively low flow rates and high pressures, a welded tubed design was undertaken. This was a first for AFH at the time (and has not been required since) however appropriate fittings and welding technology was employed to effectively provide the customized solution.

In addition to the tubing system, highly accurate Coriolis Flow transmitters were employed to monitor the pulsating flow rates at high pressure and provide the control signal to accurately dispense the DMDS.

The unit was fully assembled and tested at AFH prior to delivery to site thereby minimizing the amount of site assembly required.

Chemical Injection in Petrochemical Service