Anzon Petroleum Chemical Injection Skids

Victoria’s first FPSO required the fitout of an existing ship with processing equipment.

This included the requirement for chemical injection packages for the metered injection of Methanol, Pour point depressant (PPD) and corrosion inhibitor.

Gas Plant Pipeline Booster Compressor

Contractual requirements for the supply of Ethane resulted in the requirement for a booster compressor with a high degree of reliability and availability.

Extremely onerous customer, International, (API 617) and other specifications governed the design, assembly and testing of the final package.

Pump / Reactor Skids for Biodiesel

The need for a custom built solution arose for a full scale Biodiesel production plant based in the USA.

Whilst pilot plant operation had proven successful, it was necessary to upscale the production process and incorporate proprietary reactor technology with commercially available materials and special fittings into a fully functional, high pressure unit.

Reciprocating Compressor Packaging

Neuman & Esser South East Asia (NEASEA) were awarded the supply of two Nitrogen Booster compression packages (duty and standby) in accordance with API 618 for a Western Australian LNG production facility.

This heavily specified package also required maximization of Australian content wherever practical.

Rotor-Tech Pumps for TEG

Many gas producing fields require water removal to produce pipeline specification gas suitable for transport to further processing plants or customers.

Salt Removal Package

A gas plant in Western Victoria required the use of a salt removal system as part of its’ Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) regeneration system.

Revolutionary thinking settled on the use of Electrodialysis as the primary process for this application but local packaging of the ancillary equipment was needed to ensure maximum compliance to the project specifications as well as cost effective logistical movement of the equipment to site.

Sundyne Pump Package for Offshore Use

AFH’s first foray into the supply of a significant engineered skid package offshore involved the supply of two identical Sundyne pumps and associated accessories for use as a De-Ethaniser Water draw pumpset on a static facility in the Timor Sea.