Engineered skid packages can transform the efficiency, productivity and flexibility of your business.

At Australian Fluid Handling, we are the leading supplier of compressors and pumps to the oil and gas industry , the petrochemical industry , the chemical industry , the water treatment industry, the mineral processing industry and the refrigeration industry within Australia.

But that’s not all we do. Utilising the most advanced 3D solid modelling software and applying years of industry and engineering expertise, we design and manufacture functional skid packages and pump skid systems. By doing so, we set ourselves apart from other suppliers of standardised packages. For incorporating systematised reciprocating or centrifugal compressors and pumps on the one base plate, choose Australian Fluid Handling.


Why use Engineered Skid Packages?

Space Saving and Efficient

The advantage of this approach is that, regardless of the compressor/pump or general equipment combination, the package can be sized exactly to fit your available space. Using AFH designed skid systems, equipment will be positioned ideally to ensure it is most accessible, functional and maintainable.

Complete Flexibility

At AFH, we customise engineered skid packages with complete flexibility in mind. We have developed the systems required to customise any manageable skid package to individual customer and project requirements. The integration of equipment on one easy to manage package ensures that the system will work before it gets to site and once there, will minimise installation costs.

Multidisciplinary packages are offered and previously supplied equipment includes, but is not limited to, pump sets, compressor sets, lube oil, mechanical seal support, chemical injection and measuring and monitoring systems.

Quality Guaranteed

Australian Fluid Handling utilises the most advanced 3D solid modelling software to transform complex customised designs from concept to reality. By thoroughly working through the design at the concept and development stage, AFH avoids fabrication and assembly issues at time of construction and guarantees the future functionality of each