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Blue and Green Hydrogen are new and innovative technologies starting to take shape in our energy markets. Blue hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels where the CO2 is stripped out and stored away without release to the atmosphere, while green hydrogen is produced from renewable electricity without any CO2 emissions (through electrolysis). Once the hydrogen has been produced this way it can be either fed into the gas grid, compressed into cylinders and used for fuel cell driven vehicles, or it can be converted to liquid and transported.

For Australia this technology could become hugely important since we have an abundance of solar and wind generation potential. Once converted to hydrogen in a carbon emission neutral way this blue/green hydrogen could become a major export product for the country and could also enhance the Australian transition to a carbon neutral economy.

AFH are exploring partnering with these hydrogen plants to offer equipment and engineering support for compressors, pumps and gas conditioning skid packages.

The Australian government has now completed a national hydrogen strategy and several pilot plants are currently under construction to test the viability of this new technology. AFH has already successfully sold an impressive cooling water skid package for the Victorian pilot plant and has quoted for several of the other plants.

To further support our entry into the hydrogen market, we, in conjunction with our long standing partner Neuman & Esser Compressors, participated in last week’s inaugural “Global Hydrogen Energy Summit” in Melbourne.

With a presence in form of a display stand, and as a conference sponsor, we managed to gain good exposure to this new industry and had several highly interesting discussions with industry participants.

AFH will look to continue to develop our involvement and support in this potentially very exciting new phase in our energy market.