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Full function test completed.


The purpose of the custom designed and built skid package is to dilute and inject controlled volume of caustic solution at 3%-5% into the crude, which will react with the Chlorides to form a less corrosive Chloride.

AFH have designed, tested and supplied the skid package in accordance with client specifications.

The skid package consists of 4 LEWA double diaphragms API 975 pumps fitted with diaphragm rupture detection gauges. There are 2 CAUSTIC pumps (in duty/standby) and 2 WATER pumps (in duty/standby).

A panel mounted control system comprising of an EX’d enclosure (with selector switches and start/stop buttons), 515 controller taking density and flow readings received from the Micro Motion Coriolis meter and making real-time adjustments for stroke length and speed of pumps (VSD control). The VSD panel is located off skid in a safe area.