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Australia’s big things, The Big Pineapple! The big barramundi! …and now AFHTechFLOW’s BIG AIR PACKAGE!

There are claims that Australia has some of the biggest things in the world, the Big Pineapple measuring 16m tall, the world’s biggest sundial, the world’s largest playable guitar and now adding to this cult phenomenon is AFHTechFLOW’s biggest ever skid package! It measured a whopping 75 square metres by footprint area, in comparison that’s the equivalent of 10,632 mobile phones side by side!

The package was part of the VARANUS ISLAND COMPRESSION PROJECT Instrument Air System Upgrade for Quadrant Energy (formerly Apache Energy). The project was at one point in danger of being cancelled by the client (during the sale of Apache assets) and following an “indefinite” project hold period (which lasted about 6 months) the project came back to life!

With depth of professional experience and knowledge the team at AFHTechFLOW wasted no time in getting right back into the swing of things and were able to successfully complete the project in line with the client’s time, cost and quality expectations.

The scope of work included design, manufacture, assembly, factory acceptance testing, documentation, preservation & packing. The Instrument Air System comprised of 4 off 90kW compressors, 2 off wet receiver vessels and 1 off dry receiver vessel (designed in accordance to AS1210) and a dryer package. Considering the logistic challenges, the skid was modular designed with a total of 5 off 20ft modified shipping containers and bases with interconnecting pipework.

Some of the challenges of building a custom modular system were associated with the stringent requirement to meet site design conditions that all equipment was to be rated for cyclonic conditions (with wind speeds over 300km/h). Adding to this, design verification and proof load testing for lifting/transport were completed. Other on skid equipment included but not limited to, 316SS piping, instrumentation, pressure control valves, pressure relief valves and electrical control stations.

This was another example of AFHTechFLOW’s ability to adapt to a fluid situation, strengths in flexibility, design and project execution methodologies to deliver a memorable skid package!