Fuel- Management SystemsIntegrated Fuel and Lubricants Management System

LAS Australia is a member of the Sturrock and Robson Group, aligned with LAS Global and a key provider of fluid and fuel management systems to the Petrochemical, Fleet, Rail, Aviation and Mining industries. At LAS Australia, we understand that every drop of fuel in precious, and that total fuel management systems are an invaluable requirement for all high-volume fluid industries.

While LAS Australia provides fuel monitoring systems to a number of industries, our main focus remains on supplying integrated fuel management systems to the Mining industry. From tank gauging equipment and wireless RFID tags for security to fuel dispensing equipment and Opti-MIM: the integrated fuel management solution, LAS Australia does it all.

Using only the most established fuel management brands, including Hectronic, Satam and Sensile, LAS Australia takes no chances with your integrated fuel management system.

To discover why LAS Australia are the fuel management experts, call (03) 9369 6200 or email support@afhpl.com.au today.

Total Fuel Management

Fuel management systems from LAS Australia combine hardware and software for mine equipment refuelling and lubrication to monitor every drop of fuel in every segment of the fuel supply chain.

With fuel management systems from LAS Australia, we make it easy to track, monitor and access critical reports to better manage high volume fluid use. Integrated fuel and lubricant management systems from LAS Australia allow you to accurately monitor inventory levels with tank gauging equipment, track bulk stock movements, receipts, transfers and disposals, prevent fraudulent product dispensing with authorisation controls and much more. For a full list of fuel management features, see LAS Global.

The benefits of integrated fuel management systems are diverse, including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Accurate and on time billing and reports
  • Flexible solutions for easy integration with existing equipment
  • Greater security against fraudulent activities
  • Decreased errors, run-dry occurrences and maintenance
  • An auditable system on which to base diesel fuel rebate claims
  • Accurate monitoring of the business Carbon footprint

Opti-MIM Fuel Management Software

Developed by LAS for consumer sites, mining applications, aviation and specialised loading terminals, Opti-MIM is a cost effective, modular inventory management solution. Understanding that every organisation is unique and different, LAS have developed Opti-MIM as a fully customisable fuel management system. This means that regardless of your particular needs and business requirements, LAS Australia and Opti-MIM have you covered.

With Opti-MIM fuel management software, you can:

  • Monitor incoming, stored, transferred and outgoing liquid inventory levels
  • Track bulk stock movements and control dispensing
  • Easily integrate into third party fluid management and business systems

For more information on LAS Australia or Opti-MIM fuel management software, call LAS Australia on (03) 9369 6200 or email support@afhpl.com.au today.