Engineered Skid PackagesAFH have developed the skills and infrastructure required to customise a wide range of skid packages to individual customer and project requirements.

With the use of the latest in 3D solid modelling (Inventor 2012) and meticulous attention to detail, both the hardware and supporting documentation are delivered, as required.

All packages include maximum consideration for the people operating the equipment in the field, with design and construction that focuses on safety, ease of use and maintenance.  AFH have detailed working knowledge of their agency equipment and Engineered Skids can include the high quality equipment manufactured by our Principals, or other selected hardware depending on a client’s requirements.

Examples of previously manufactured systems and components include:

  • Compressors (high speed centrifugal, reciprocating)
  • Pumps (centrifugal – high speed, single and multistage)
  • Pump(s) (metering, reciprocating, gear)
  • Seal Pressurisation (servicing Plan 53 systems) and seal buffer systems
  • Lube oil systems
  • Machinery control, including alarm and shutdown panels
  • Chemical Injection
  • Salt removal
  • Tanks (fabricated to suit, with level gauge, sight glass, filler, breather, drain pan etc)
  • Filter(s) (high and low pressure, simplex, duplex)
  • Cooler(s) (Natural or forced draught or water cooled)
  • Pressure vessels
  • Fabricated base and necessary supports and lifting facilities
  • Control panels
  • Testing
  • NDT of critical components

Typical Engineered Skid Packages

Fuel / Gas Conditioning Skid

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid for Off-Shore oil rig

Engineered Seal Support System

Engineered seal support system

Stench Injection System

Stench injection system for LPG terminal using Lewa diaphragm pumps

Engineered Skid with all wetted parts PVC

Engineered skid with all wetted parts PVC for high chlorides service

Water Conditioning Skid

Water Conditioning Skid

Oil / Water Separation System

Oil / Water separation system Engineered by AFH to 3rd party Process Design