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  • Process Equipment
  • Fuel Management Systems

Process Equipment Division

Founded in 1999, AFH's Process division has evolved to become a major supplier of Engineered Skid packaged equipment and distributor of internationally renowned pump and compressor systems

The process division are one of Australia’s leading providers of customised and engineered compressors,pumps and skid packaged equipment, services a host of industries including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refrigeration, Mineral Processing and Water Treatment. Since forming in 1999, the process division has continued its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, flexibility of options and the highest quality products.


  • Sundyne
  • Marelli
  • HMD
  • NIkkiso
  • LEWA
  • Rheinhutte
  • Neuman & Esser
  • Torishima

Fuel Management Systems Division

AFH's Fuel Management Division (FMS) is a key provider of fluid and fuel management systems to the Petrochemical, Fleet, Rail, Aviation and Mining industries. At LAS Australia, we understand that every drop of fuel in precious, and that total fuel management systems are an invaluable requirement for all high-volume fluid industries.

While the FMS division provides fuel monitoring systems to a number of industries, our main focus remains on supplying integrated fuel management systems to the Mining industry. From tank gauging equipment and wireless RFID tags for security to fuel dispensing equipment and Opti-MIM: the integrated fuel management solution. 


  • Hectronic
  • Satam
  • Sensile


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